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This is Elvis! We have been very blessed to be able to get this little man. He is a blue Trindle carrying chocolate He will have a huge head when he matures

He loves to be the center of attention, so his name fits! He fit in as soon as he arrived ( yes, from VEGAS).

He will produce some super nice babies in the future. His lines are from some of the most well known names in the breed. Diesel. Beast, Topaz and Bolt to name a few

DNA: dd/Bb at/a k/n n/s

He is 4 panel health test clear

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Co-owned w/ Silver Hammer Frenchies.

This is Mud. He is an awesome chocolate that carries blue.

DNA: bb Dd ay/a k/n

He has such a great personality and wonderful conformation. Big head and flat face.
He is producing great puppies and produced a Lilac male in his recent litter!

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