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Welcome to Blue Ribbon French Bulldogs!


Breeder of quality Blue,  Chocolate and Lilac French Bulldogs located in TEXAS!

French Bulldog puppies for sale

French Bulldogs Sleeping in TexasBlue Frenchie Mom Maksie 2We are located just a few minutes south of Ft Worth Texas in the Joshua. My interest in French Bulldogs began when I saw how sweet and what clowns these little dogs are!  I began reading and studying the breed. But I really fell in love when I saw pictures of rare BLUE French Bulldog puppies! I began to get interested in the Chocolate colors also. All French Bulldogs are beautiful, but to me the rare colors are just GORGEOUS!  I began looking and found a great breeder in Hungary.

I bought a Chocolate French Bulldog puppy and had her imported here. That was Carly and after just a few hours, she won my heart and I was hooked!  I then purchased a Blue Fawn female from a wonderful breeder here in the states and could not wait to start raising these beautiful rare colors. The Blue French Bulldog is just gorgeous!

Now we have the ability to breed Blue and Tan French Bulldogs! See our puppy page! My Frenchies stay in my house and are my family, they will never be kennel dogs and my French Bulldog puppies are raised in my house, never in a kennel. I guarantee you will LOVE your new French Bulldog and once you have had one, there is no going back!


         VOTED TOP 10 French Bulldog Breeder in North America 

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